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Cedar Hill Handmade Soaps

Unscented 2oz Magnesium Spray

Unscented 2oz Magnesium Spray

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Have you been seeing the hype of magnesium spray online? 
Us too!

With us having sleep issues we decided to try it on ourselves to see if it works. Since we’ve started using it I can honestly say it has helped us sleep at night. 

Magnesium spray can cause irritation when it’s sprayed topically on your skin. You might experience tingling or a burning sensation. They say this is a sign that your magnesium deficient. I’ve been spraying on the bottom of my feet and it doesn’t bother my feet at all. 
If you do spray on your arms or legs tho and it does bother you, once it dries apply lotion or aloe Vera. This will soothe it. 

My magnesium spray is a little different than others. I use the magnesium chloride flakes and distilled water yes. But I also added 3 drops of castor oil. The castor will help the body absorb the magnesium. 

Always speak to a doctor before using anything new. This is not intended to treat anyone for anything.



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